KNEW 2012 Presentations

We are making the presentations from Kazimierz Dolny Workshop on Naturalising Religion available below. 


Robert McCauley – Philosophical Naturalism and the Cognitive Science of Religion

Konrad Talmont-Kaminski – Preventing truth: How philosophy and psychology of religion fail

Jonathan Jong – Is the cognitive science of religion philosophically interesting?

Mikael Leidenhag – The relevance of emergence in the science-religion debate

Jesper Sorensen – The cognitive mechanisms of ritual: Ritualisation, goal-demotion and representations of ritual efficiency

John Wilkins – Naturalising religion: A phylogenetic approach

Matthew Schunke and Christopher Pearson – Explanation and the science of religion: A critique of key presuppositions

Martin Lang – Naturalising methods: possibilities of using neuroscience in the scientific study of religion

Łukasz Jędrzejczak – Components of mystical experience evoked by transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS). Can we try it at home?

Helen De Cruz – The tragedy of the theologian? Divine Attributes, theological incorrectness and inference richness

Andrew Atkinson – Naturalising Religion: Some Remarks

Adam Green – The mindreading debate and the cognitive science of religion

Maarten Boudry – In mysterious ways: On belief in supernatural causation and the truth value of religion

Karolina Prochownik – Modern philosophical approach to the origin of evil

John Collier – Can current information theory as applied to physics support a belief in God?

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