Mechanistic Integration and Unification in Cognitive Science

cognitive_webWarsaw, June 23-26, 2016

The aim of the workshop is to discuss the recent work on mechanistic explanation, with special stress on particular problems of integration of multiple mechanistic models, robustness, and unification of partial explanations, theories and fields.

There is a growing consensus that cognitive science and cognitive neuroscience explain their phenomena of interest mechanistically. Cognitive science is an interdisciplinary research field, in which methods, tools, and concepts from other disciplines are used. One can ask a fundamental question whether anything unifies the field; or whether it is not just a hodgepodge of heterogeneous research. This kind of doubt can be articulated with regard to any interdisciplinary research field. However, the existence of interdisciplinary collaboration means that there are real connections between disciplines and that their problems are related. But to really dispel the doubt against interdisciplinary research, one needs to answer the question of what makes such conglomerates as cognitive science actually unified.

Invited Keynote Speakers

William Bechtel (California, San Diego)

Carl F. Craver (Washington University in St. Louis)

David Kaplan (Macquarie)


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The workshop is organized by Marcin Miłkowski and Mateusz Hohol, and financed from National Science Center grant under the decision DEC-2014/14/E/HS1/00803, with support from Institute of Philosophy and Sociology, Polish Academy of Sciences, and Center for Philosophical Research, Warsaw.

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